I Can Help Door Hangers Postcards

We know neighborhoods are stepping up to help each other, and especially vulnerable neighbors. This is so important to minimize the spread and impact of COVID-19. Thank you!

These postcards and door hangers are designed to support efforts in your neighborhood to help people who are self-isolating in their homes, for any reason.

Supporting one another, neighbor-to-neighbor, is critical through these times. The easier we can make it for people to stay home, the more effective we will be in managing this pandemic.

Many communities have already stepped up and come together, to help people with food, medication, and other household supplies. We encourage you to share these cards within your community, to make sure no one feels abandoned!

Tip à If you are an essential service or business, you might want to have these cards available and ask: Would you like one of these postcards so you can help a neighbor in need? Sharing this service when you are talking to people at your location will result in more effective use of postcards!

Hello Neighbor Postcard & Door Hanger Downloads