Social Distancing Responsibilities of Essential Businesses

To Essential Businesses in the Chelan-Douglas Health District

April 4, 2020

Govemor Inslee’s recent orders have made it clear that even essential businesses must comply with guidance regarding social distancing during the COVID-19 emergency. (See https://www.cdc.qov/coronavirus/2019-ncovicommunity/zuidance-business-response.html)
Many such businesses have done an excellent job of this; they deserve a lot of credit and we are
very appreciative. But some have not. Close groupings of people have been observed waiting
outside some businesses, and others have admitted too many customers at once to permit adequate social distancing.

Aside from being violations of the Govemor’s legal order, these situations are unacceptable at a
time when health workers are being asked to risk their lives to care for patients with severe COVID-19 infections.

With this letter Chelan-Douglas Health District puts essential businesses on notice that the Health District will be working to establish patrols to identify violations of these rules. Our purpose is not to cite or arrest individual violators – all of us want to work with those involved to achieve voluntary cooperation. But businesses which fail to fully and effectively implement social distancing guidelines immediately will be closed by order of the Chelan-Douglas Health District until such time as they give reason to believe they are able and willing to abide by these critical requirements. This is not a measure we want to take, but be aware that we are intent on doing so if necessary to assure that every essential business does its part to protect our

Signed this 4th Day of April,2020:

Francis Collins, MD DDS, Health Officer
Barry Kling, MSPH, Administrator
Chelan-Douglas Helath District

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