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Community Development Closure Update

Pursuant to the Governor’s Order last week, building inspections will be strictly limited to those activities necessary for the continuation of “essential public services” and for emergency home repairs related to life and safety issues.

Our office is officially closed to the public, which means that no walk-ins, appointments, or drop offs will be accepted. We will, however, accept electronic or mail-in submissions if they are complete.

When building permits are ready for pick up, the applicant/owner will be notified. If the
applicant/owner wants the permit issued, permit payment will be arranged, the packet will be mailed, please note that no inspections will be scheduled until further notice. Owners/applicants may choose to wait for permit issuance until the lifting of the Governor’s order.

Land use permits continue to be reviewed and processed. However, most staff is working from home, so please be patient. Please call our office if you would like additional information on this process at (509) 888-3244.

Press Release is available on the City of Wenatchee’s website.